Performance Evaluations

You’re Fired! 4 Tips For Difficult Mid-Year Review Discussions

As we gear up for mid-year reviews, we will inevitably have to deliver some “bad” news to some people.  Generally, people don’t like to deliver bad news, either professionally or personally. Why?  Usually, they are concerned about the reaction that may result from initiating that confrontation.  They don’t want to be questioned, or get into a heated discussion. They are passionate about the issue and don’t understand why the counterpart doesn’t see things in the same light as they do.

The Employee Development Plan – Do You File It Before Acting on it? 6 Tips To Make Development Plans Relevant.

Finally, the year-end performance process is over, or is it!?   Really, the performance management cycle is never complete, transitioning through several stages on an annual basis, hopefully, on an upward spiral to greater organizational performance. 

Traditionally, part of the performance management process is the creation of employee goals and development plans.  In many organizations, this part of the cycle gets kicked-off with some fan fare, but quickly wanes.  Development plan actions, put into place with good intentions, are often monitored irregularly, and, eventually, relegated to a file only to be dusted off when the year-end performance evaluation process again kicks in.

4 Keys to Align Competency Based Performance Assessments to Strategy

Aligning competencies with strategy is the key to today’s dynamic and results-driven performance assessment. Strategic competency alignment sets performance expectations in the now - what it takes to get a job done - vs. expectations based on the past - how a completed task or project got done. Traditional, backward-looking performance evaluation processes measured by goals, projects and tasks are ineffective to deal with present-to-future, results oriented performance.

5 Elements of Individual Developmental Roadmaps that Link Employee Performance to Improved Financial Results

That time of year is here…employees and organizations are focused on assessing performance.  Employees and managers are busy developing individual performance reviews and framing individual development roadmaps for next year. Companies, too, are assessing their overall financial performance and measuring their success, or lack thereof, while management is analyzing current budgets and revising forecasts to align strategic objectives for the coming year.