Turning Employee Evaluations Into Strategic Results

Employee evaluations have definitely 'lost their way'.  They have become so onerous that the link between the strategy, or objectives, of the organization, department or function have become, in essence, pages of task-focused goals that have little, if any, relation to the strategy and culture of the organization. 

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According to a recent study, only 13% of managers and employees feel that year-end reviews have a positive impact, and only 6% of CEO's thought the performance reviews in their organization were effective.

The system used is not as important as the approach taken.  At Prism Partners International, we start with listening and understanding the strategy and culture of the organization. We then assist your management team in aligning the roles and competences needed to achieve their strategic vision.

Our assessment process can, and should, be a replacement for the 'normal' employee evaluation/performance review process.  We go beyond the one-dimensional employee evaluation process by focusing on a more robust set of criteria - aptitude, engagement and confidence.  By using this robust criteria, as well as assessing the employee based on competencies needed to perform a specific role, the outcome is much more informative.  The results will allow you to make decisions to ensure you are leveraging your human capital to achieve your business results.  Effective implementation of your business goals and strategies requires all employees to focus their time and energy on your company’s strategic priorities.

We invite you to learn more about Prism Partners International and how we can assist you in transforming your human capital to align with your business strategy.