The concept of a ‘leader’ goes far beyond the responsibilities of a ‘manager’. Although they are usually one in the same person, the obligations and expectations of a leader are very different from that of a manager. 

Managers need to structure their team to be effective and efficient, organize their actions, drive results and report progress.  Leaders, on the other hand, need to inspire and motivate, communicate, bring people together and empower them, be open to new ideas and develop their team to be the next leaders in the organization.  Leaders need to inspire employees to WANT to participate in achieving an organization's strategy. 

lesson 1

introduction to organizational alignment

Understand the importance of aligning people to strategy and culture

lesson 2


Understand the difference between leadership and management

Understand strategic leader vs. knowledge leader and learn how to leverage both roles for the success of the organization

lesson 3

attributes of a great leader

Understand the attributes and benefits of being a great leader

lesson 4

what makes a gOOD leader, great

Understand how to be a great leader within your organization

lesson 5

becoming a great leader

Understand how to improve a leader's accountability

Learn how to leverage your team for their individual and collective expertise, and give them access to leverage you

Learn how to get the most from team debate and discussion, particularly from dissenting views

Develop your communication skills - both listening and speaking

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