4 Keys to Align Competency Based Performance Assessments to Strategy

Aligning competencies with strategy is the key to today’s dynamic and results-driven performance assessment. Strategic competency alignment sets performance expectations in the now - what it takes to get a job done - vs. expectations based on the past - how a completed task or project got done. Traditional, backward-looking performance evaluation processes measured by goals, projects and tasks are ineffective to deal with present-to-future, results oriented performance.

Here are 4 keys to define strategically aligned competencies that drive superior performance in results-driven teams:

  1. Start with overarching competencies.  These competencies define and align your organization’s strategy and culture, e.g. accountability, collaboration, diversity, etc.
  2. Defining leadership competencies is critical. These competencies will depend on the type of leadership role a person holds. A leader overseeing a technical function, for example, is expected to have a high level of attention to detail and be an industry thought leader in the subject matter. A leader responsible for managing a strategic aspect of an organization requires a different set of leadership and relationship competencies to be successful and drive results.
  3. Identify the relevant competencies (the how) for a specific role. Don’t stop at just defining the competencies (the what) of a role. Periodically assess how the competency is being performed and if the competency continues to be aligned with the strategy and culture; make needed adjustments to drive increased organizational results.  
  4. Consider both the routine and non-routine aspects of a role.  Competencies for non-routine aspects of a role may differ substantially from the competencies required when a role is being performed under routine or familiar circumstances.

In addition, here is a link to a recent blog post that discusses how to best align roles and competencies with your strategy and culture. 

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