Choose Your Actions but Not Your Consequences – 3 Tips for Creating a Culture of Accountability and High Performance

A great leader once taught me that “you can always choose your actions but you can’t always choose your consequences.” In other words, we are always accountable for our actions, from completing mundane routines, to resolving complex issues, to our interactions with colleagues and clients.  Our actions, or lack thereof, have an organizational impact and consequence for which we are ultimately accountable.

4 Keys to Align Competency Based Performance Assessments to Strategy

Aligning competencies with strategy is the key to today’s dynamic and results-driven performance assessment. Strategic competency alignment sets performance expectations in the now - what it takes to get a job done - vs. expectations based on the past - how a completed task or project got done. Traditional, backward-looking performance evaluation processes measured by goals, projects and tasks are ineffective to deal with present-to-future, results oriented performance.