Opportunities & Challenges in Biopharma: Interview with Prism Partners International

As we have mentioned in a number of blogs that we have written, start-up to growth companies have a unique opportunity for above average growth.  They also have greater challenges as they begin to organize themselves for this growth.  Biopharma is one industry where growth expectations are high and opportunities are abundant.  Having the right partners to assist these companies during their growth phase is critical. 

Prism Partners International and DZS Clinical Services, a full-service contract research organization and clinical software provider focused on small to mid-size biopharma, participated in an interview to discuss the opportunities and challenges in the biopharma industry.  Although the focus was on the biopharma industry, the concepts apply to any start-up to growth company. 

We hope you take the opportunity to read the full interview with Prism Partners International and DZS Clinical Services.

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