Is Diversity Really That Important? 6 Leadership Actions to a Diverse, Engaged and Progressive Team

How is it that some organizations are noted for employees who are engaged, innovative and high performing? From my experience, a key, differentiating factor is an organization’s ability to leverage diversity and inclusion. (I am referring to more than age, ethnic and gender diversity, but also diversity in perspectives, opinions, skills, competencies, philosophies, upbringing, education and life experiences as well.) 

“Companies have realized that diversity and inclusion are no longer separate from other parts of the business,” said Stuart Feil, editorial director of Forbes Insights. “Organizations…understand that different experiences and different perspectives build the foundation necessary to compete on a global scale.”

According to a 2012 report by McKinsey & Co., U.S. public companies with a diverse executive board realized a return on equity that was 95% higher than those companies without a diverse board.  Such significant financial impact supports the case for diversity not only at the board level, but also throughout an organization’s management and employee ranks.

Here, then, are the 6 leadership actions to build a diverse and high performing team, differentiated for its progressive and innovative results: 

  1. Develop your culture as to attract scarce, highly skilled talent relevant to today’s diverse, competitive and evolving marketplace.
  2. Lead and manage through respect, recognition, career progression and professional development important to a diverse and changing workforce.
  3. Champion inclusion vital to effective workplace collaboration, creativity and innovation.
  4. Leverage your team’s diversity to access new and changing demographics and markets.
  5. Promote customer loyalty and reach by meeting the consumer needs of changing and diverse lifestyles.
  6. Leverage diversity to energize a team, build engagement and passion for the work and minimize disruptive turnover.

The face of the business world has changed. Exceptional leaders who understand diversity and inclusion are the sculptors and benefactors of this rapidly changing environment.  Is a diverse, high performing team important in your organization?

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