Invest in Yourself and Your Team! Practical and Affordable Leadership Training for Everyone.

Training needs to be more than a “classroom” experience.  It has to translate into practical, day-to-day activities of the learner.  Any valuable training must address both the strategic concepts of their respective focus areas, as well as simple and sustainable tips to immediately implement these concepts.  Our online training does just this.

Imagine if you could develop simple, practical and actionable tips to:

  • Create and communicate your organization's strategy
  • Use strategy to motivate employees
  • Embed your culture into your organization and leverage it to accomplish your strategy
  • Learn how to leverage your team for their individual and collective expertise, and give them access to leverage you
  • Learn how to get the most from team debate and discussion, particularly from dissenting views
  • Ensure assessments are contributing to the organizational strategy by aligning them with roles and their associated competencies

And these are just a few of the topics we cover!

Each of our courses could be taken in about 4 hours from start to finish.  That is exactly how NOT to leverage our training! 

Instead, through stories, examples, exercises and tests in both visual and audio format, the learner is taught the strategic and practical aspects of the topic at hand and challenged to think about what has been learned.  They then exit the program so they can apply what they have learned to their everyday experiences.  Finally, they return to the online training to record their successes and areas for improvement.  All of this could take weeks or months – learning, applying, recording, contemplating, adjusting and developing as they go!

Our training courses focus on the following (click on the course titles to Learn More):

  1. Strategy, Culture and Organizational Alignment: Setting Your Company’s Course
  2. Culture: Differentiating Your Organization
  3. Leadership: Converting Managers to Leaders
  4. Performance Management: Changing the Mindset


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The cost of each online training course for a one year subscription is $24.95 per user; discounts apply to the purchase of multiple courses.

Purchase your individual courses online via our secure website.

To purchase multi-year, multi-user subscriptions for your organization and/or team, please contact us; even greater discounts apply. 

Some subscription pricing examples for the purchase of two courses:

100 users at $2.28 per user, per month

500 users at $1.52 per user, per month

1,000 users at $1.01 per user, per month

5,000 users at $.45 per user, per month


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