Can training really make you a better leader?

We believe it can, if it is the right training. 

Training needs to be more than a “classroom” experience.  It has to translate into practical, day-to-day activities of the learner.  Any valuable training must address both the strategic concepts of their respective focus areas, as well as simple and sustainable tips to immediately implement these concepts.

Our online training does just this!

We have combined our deep and practical, real-life private industry experience to develop training that truly elevates performance.  Unlike most training, whether it be classroom training or online courses, our training concepts are learned, reinforced and applied through interactive exercises, and then tested in day-to-day work activities. 

Each of our courses could be taken in about 4 hours from start to finish.  That is exactly how NOT to leverage our training!  Instead, throughout each course, the learner is taught the strategic and practical aspects of the topic at hand and challenged to think about what has been learned.  They are then required to exit the program so they can apply what they have learned to their everyday experiences.  Finally, they return to the online training to record their successes and areas for improvement.  All of this could take weeks or months – learning, applying, recording, contemplating, adjusting and developing as they go!

We have experienced numerous training during our careers; they never were impactful because they were not practical and sustainable.  We have developed these courses to be executable and, thus, truly transformational for leaders and their business.

Our training courses focus on the following aspects of your business (click on the course titles to Learn More):


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The cost of each online training course for a one year subscription is $24.95 per user; discounts apply to the purchase of multiple courses.  

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